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Dec. 17th, 2008

Literati Favourite Quote

So I thought doing these vote would be a way of keeping the RJ love alive! And something fun to do. Out of these quotes pick your THREE favourites, and then will have third, second and first place. Enjoy!

Poll #1316596 Lit Quotes

Which out of these options is your favourite Literati quote?

RORY: Goodnight Dodger. JESS: Dodger? RORY: Figure it out. JESS: Oliver Twist.
JESS: You know, Ernest only has lovely things to say about you.
JESS: I mean, you ditched school and everything. That's so not you. Why'd you do it? RORY: Because you didn't say goodbye.
JESS: 22.8 miles. RORY: How'd you know that? JESS: Do you Yahoo? RORY: You looked it up?
JESS: I love you.
JESS: So I just basically wanted to show you that. Tell you - tell you that I couldn’t have done it without you.
JESS: I mean, with you! What's going on with you? RORY: What do you mean? JESS: You know what I mean! I know you. I know you better than anyone! This isn't you.
JESS: It is what it is.... you. Me.

Oct. 25th, 2008

Literati #228 Arts

These are the gorgeous arts that have been submitted for the Literati #228 thread! As they have worked so hard it would be nice if you could credit them, if you use them! Enjoy!


weronikasawyer (@ LJ) -

lovebit (@ LJ)

22_8 miles (@ LJ)

ginger-noodle (@ LJ)

Conspiracy (@ FF)

Debbie89 (@ FF)

kissmesweet (@ FF)

Caris_leogirl (@ FF)


Debbie89 (@ FF)


anettbianka (@ FF)



jenna_mariexx (@ FF)


Oct. 17th, 2008

Literati #228 Soundtrack Vote

So now it is time to vote for the soundtrack. Instead of doing a poll here, you can click on the link provided listen to all the songs which have been wonderfully uploaded and then comment which songs you would like to be apart of the soundtrack.

Get listening!


And also for more info on the soundtrack, click here.

Oct. 13th, 2008

Literati #228 Vote

As we are nearing #228 we need you all to get voting on your Top 3 Lit scenes. Post a comment as well explaining why you love these scenes if you have not already done so. The vote will remain secret until the thread is ready so it will be a surprise! Get voting!


Poll #1277636 Literati #228 Top 3 Scenes Vote

Choose your three favourite scenes out of the following:

22.8 miles scene from Happy Birthday Baby
The car scene from Teach Me Tonight
Picnic, "Ernest only has lovely things to say about you" scene from A Tisket, A Tasket
The first official kiss from Let The Games Begin
Jess blowing her a kiss from Swan Song
Jess' 'I love you' in Nag Hammadi Is Where They Found the Gnostic Gospels
The sprinkler scene in Eight O'Clock At the Oasis
Jess showing Rory 'The Subsect' in Let Me Hear Your Balalaikas Ringing Out
“You didn’t say goodbye” scene from Lorelai's Graduation Day
The first kiss at Sookie’s wedding from I Can't Get Started

Sep. 25th, 2008

Literati Quotes #228

Literati Quotes #228

RORY: I thought you said you didn't read much.
JESS: Well, what is much? Goodnight Rory.
RORY: Goodnight Dodger.
JESS: Dodger?
RORY: Figure it out.
JESS: Oliver Twist.
[Rory smiles and nods. They both walk away.]

JESS: You know, I like this place.
RORY: Wow, a place in Stars Hollow you actually like.
JESS: You see that spot over there?
RORY: Yeah.
JESS: That's where Luke pushed me in.
RORY: Pff.
JESS: Are you mad or something?
RORY: I just don't want to be in a fight with Dean.
JESS: I'm sorry about that. Do you want to push me in a lake?
RORY: Maybe later

JESS: You know, Ernest only has lovely things to say about you.
RORY: Why are you only nice to me?
JESS: Excuse me?
RORY: An hour ago you were totally screwing with Dean and now you're totally nice to me.
JESS: You see, it's the screwing with Dean that's an important step to getting here so that I can be nice to you

JESS: I’m glad you called.
RORY: Yeah?
JESS: Yeah.
RORY: Why?
JESS: Because maybe you can explain what the hell this crazy woman is talking about.
RORY: Ah, The Fountainhead.
JESS: Yes. Your fault, and you will pay.
RORY: I promise. Commit to it one more time and if it still is awful for you, I will make it up to you.
JESS: Oh yeah?
RORY: Yeah.
JESS: Okay. I’m gonna hold you to that.

RORY: Jess, my mother is a great person. She’s also my best friend in the world, so if you care about me at all, you will take that into consideration and you will be mildly polite to her.
JESS: What makes you think I care about you?
RORY: I don’t mean care care, like care. I mean if you like me at all. . . not like like. I just meant that if. . . if you think of me remotely as the sort of person that you could occasionally stand to talk to then you will try to get along with my mom, that’s all.

RORY: I don’t think Luke knew anything about the food last night.
JESS: That’ll be twelve-fifty.
RORY: Which means you lied about why you came over.
JESS: I don’t have any quarters. I’m gonna have to give you nickels.
RORY: Now why would you lie about something like that?
JESS: Here’s your change. Come again soon.
RORY: You wanted to come over.
JESS: I have to get back to work.
RORY: You’re squirming. I’ve never seen you squirm. It’s entertaining.
JESS: Oh yeah?
RORY: Yeah.

RORY We’re studying.
JESS: You’re studying, I’m prying into your personal life.

RORY: I could not believe you less. Here, you drive, I’ll read you Othello. Won’t that be fun?
JESS: You have no idea how much.

RORY: Well, it’s not a little too rough for me. I hope it’s not a little too rough for me, I’ve been talking about this forever. I mean, I don’t even know what I would do if –
JESS: Hey, I didn’t mean to freak you out. I’m sorry. I’m sure you’ll do it. You will, I promise. I’ll help you practice, okay? Tomorrow, you’ll stand in the middle of the street and I will drive straight at you screaming in a foreign language.
RORY: Well, you’re gonna have to learn a foreign language first.
JESS: Well, it’s lucky I’ve got me a tutor, isn’t it?

JESS: I said, why did you come here?
RORY: Well -
JESS: I mean, you ditched school and everything. That's so not you. Why'd you do it?
RORY: Because you didn't say goodbye.

RORY: Don’t say a word!
JESS: Okay.
RORY: I have to go. [runs away] Oh, welcome home!

JESS: So, it's been a couple days since you made the big decision. You still going to Yale?
RORY: Yes, I am. It's got all the classes I want and some really great teachers, and plus, you know, as an added bonus, it's really close to here.
JESS: 22.8 miles.
RORY: How'd you know that? Jess: Do you Yahoo?
RORY: You looked it up?
RORY: You looked it up.
JESS: I just hit a couple buttons on the computer.
RORY: You looked it up.
JESS: I was bored. There was nothing on TV and I was fooling around, it was something to do, that's it.
RORY: You looked it up

JESS: So I just basically wanted to show you that. Tell you - tell you that I couldn’t have done it without you.

JESS: I mean, with you! What's going on with you?
RORY: What do you mean?
JESS: You know what I mean! I know you. I know you better than anyone! This isn't you.
RORY: I don't know.
JESS: What are you doing? Living at your grandparents' place? Being in the D.A.R.? No Yale - why did you drop out of Yale?
RORY: It's complicated!
JESS: It's not! It's not complicated!
RORY: You don't know!
JESS: This isn't you! This! You going out with this jerk, with the Porsche! We made fun of guys like this!
RORY: You caught him on a bad night.
JESS: This isn't about him! Okay? Screw him! What's going on with you? This isn't you, Rory. You know it isn't. What's going on?
RORY: I don't know... I don't know

JESS: It is what it is.... you me

Sep. 21st, 2008

Literati #228 Fan Vid List

Literati #228 Fan Vid List


Jess, Rory, & Shane - Girlfriend by gqgrl775
Somewhere only we know Literati by roryjess4ever
Who Knew - Rory&Jess by Heaven75
Rory and Jess - Apologize by LyingInSilence
Literati - Hey there, Delilah by bedfordgirl

Rory & Jess - The Scientist
Rory & Jess - Read My Mind
Rory & Jess - I'd Lie
Rory & Jess- Leave Out All The Rest
Rory & Jess - My Whole Life Hiding
Rory & Jess - Everything We Had
Rory & Jess - The Walk
Rory & Jess - Secret Smile

Rory & Jess - Hate that I love you
Rory and Jess - Bleeding Love

Almost Lover

Literati #228 Fanfic List

Literati Fanfic #228 List

Addiction by obsessivexcompulsive
Lincoln Park After Dark by Escritor
Pride and Prejudice, Literati Style by lalalovely.x
Streetlight Symphony by oypoodle
Bittersweet by Angeleyez



Literati #228 Shipper List


1 - CClar832
2 - H O T Spike_Angel
3 - iatethefuzzycerts
4 - antillesrogue
5 - foxybabygirl
6 - lightofshadows
7 - ~Maz~
8 - dawnie@
9 - Undeniable
10 - *Karina*
11 - unapologetic mocker
12 - nathansgurl4eva
13 - kbear78
14 - marina86
15 - chianna
16 - LiteratiFan0624
17 - venusstar85
18 - rebeccanicole
19 - twinkie*princess
20 - iLuVsPiKeNmiLo224
21 - Chorus.girl
22 - rocky845
23 - *SheLovesOrlando*
24 - L_O_V_E_
25 - bledel
26 - eromlig
27 - QueenElessar
28 - MichaelVartanIsSexy
29 - rorygirl
30 - SeanAndEllie001
31 - Rory & Jess-all the way
32 - Milo Maniac
33 - ocdwithlhg
34 - brucasnaleyfan4ever
35 - luvjls23
36 - ~*Milo's_Girl*~
37 - Pascale0405
38 - MariSk8
39 - rorynjess4ever
40 - lalatina15
41 - JennieN
42 - sherrylady
43 - konstantine23
44 - aprillynn
45 - CTUgal21
46 - i~luv~adchel
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60 - No Regrets
61 - Ryan-Marissa<3
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64 - rrpdsks
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66 - Lit1586
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69 - alwaysbeenyou
70 - Heather159
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73 - Nin@!!!
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76 - x143*23*637x
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137 - OTHlove1991
138 - x3nerd
139 - xNaley23x
140 - TeamLaFox
141 - mrs.scott
142 - coconut16

Sep. 20th, 2008

Literati- Reasons list ♥

 ♥ Because he "borrowed" her book
 ♥ Because she believed in him
 ♥ Because he's her Dodger
 ♥ Because she went to New York to find him
 ♥ Because he knew it was Oliver Twist
 ♥ Because she never really got over him
 ♥ Because after a year he still loved (loves) her
 ♥ Because he's Kurt and she's Courtney
 ♥ Because he said that Ernest has only lovely things to say about her
 ♥ Because Dean IS an idiot
 ♥ Because he introduced her to the bridge
 ♥ Because no matter what happens between them, he knows that part works (first kiss)
 ♥ Because he held her hands before kissing her
 ♥ Because he had a plan to outbid Dean
 ♥ Because he knew the first time he saw her that they were suppose to be together
 ♥ Because he made sure she was okay
 ♥ Because they were both nervous before their first kiss
 ♥ Because his decision on smoking depended on her
 ♥ Because he wanted to flaunt it
 ♥ Because even his "hello" kisses aren't chase
 ♥ Because he got her vertical on the couch
 ♥ Because she was jealous of Shane
 ♥ Because he looked it up
 ♥ Because even Ausiello said it: they're soul mates
 ♥ Because ASP said things aren't fully over between them
 ♥ Because Rory brings out the little boy in Jess
 ♥ Because he promised not to say anything
 ♥ Because as Lorelai pointed out "I think you might be falling for Jess" honey
 ♥ Because he read the self help book for her!
 ♥ Because he faced Mrs. Kim's evil Cricket bat!
 ♥ Because their movie night seems way more interesting!
 ♥ Because Lorelai caught them making out
 ♥ Because Jess didn't mean to hurt her
 ♥ Because she thinks she might have loved him
 ♥ Because he had her bracelet
 ♥ Because he gave her back her bracelet
 ♥ Because they share they share the Literati interest
 ♥ Because she ditched school to see him
 ♥ Because we could all see the apple but it’s the thought that counts
 ♥ Because they're like a sweet old agoraphobic couple
 ♥ Because his shirt was flipping her off too
 ♥ Because Ayn Rand is a political nut!
 ♥ Because he wanted to sit down
 ♥ Because she’d imagined what he’d say to her if he came back in thousands of different ways
 ♥ Because he knows it’s not her fault
 ♥ Because she can count on him now
 ♥ Because she likes his crazy hair
 ♥ Because without him, her life would be so dull
 ♥ Because one day they'll walk right in front of a car
 ♥ Because he knows her better than anyone
 ♥ Because he got her back on track!
 ♥ Because he remembered her birthday!
 ♥ Because he couldn’t have written the book without her!
 ♥ Because they were high school sweethearts, rock around the clock, two straws and a milkshake
 ♥ Because she said to turn right
 ♥ Because she first officially welcomed him as part of the town
 ♥ Because she made him help out in the diner when he was watching I Dream of Jeanie
 ♥ Because she helped him study
 ♥ Because it is what it is between them
 ♥ Because they were both glad that she was there
 ♥ Because someday they'll both be ready
 ♥ Because of "the umbrella"
 ♥ Because it can never be over
 ♥ Because he makes her smile like no other can.
 ♥ Because his book doesnt remind her of anything, just of him
 ♥ Because he invited her to Philedelphia
 ♥ Because she accepted his invitation
 ♥ Because a kiss doesnt mean nothing
 ♥ Because "It is what it is.. You.. Me"
 ♥ Because "If it makes you feel better you can always tell him that we did something"
 ♥ Because he changed for her!
 ♥ Because 3 years later and their kisses are still hot
 ♥ Because the spark never went anywhere
 ♥ Because *that* part still works
 ♥ Because she kissed back
 ♥ Because nothing can replace their chemistry
 ♥ Because they dont do goodbye's
 ♥ Because Milo said "It has to be Jess"
 ♥ Because closure doesnt exist in the Literati world
 ♥ Because Wetter is Better
 ♥ Because three Jess mentions after 6x18 must mean something. Anvils people.
 ♥ Because he doesn't deserve this
 ♥ Because she apologized for hurting him
 ♥ Because she realised she is a jerk(haha I still think we should put that it)
 ♥ Because when she see's him, her face lights up
 ♥ Because "My arent we bright eyed and bushytailed"
 ♥ Because their connection is the deepest
 ♥ Because after all they've been through, they're still friends
 ♥ Because he wrote notes in the margins of her heart and, try as she might, she can't erase them
 ♥ Because he did read much
 ♥ Because he didn't pull the quarter out of ear like she asked
 ♥ Because he loved her from the second he saw her picture.
 ♥ Because if you look up "Love at first sight" the definition would be Rory&Jess
 ♥ Because you can tell its love by the way they look at each other.
 ♥ Because the snark represents love people.
 ♥ Because he knew who Bjork was.
 ♥ Because it will always be her
 ♥ Because Rory thought the chalk outline was funny
 ♥ Because they make each other smile
 ♥ Because he spent $90 on her basket
 ♥ Because they can have intellegent conversations
 ♥ Because they have passion
 ♥ Because Rory called him instead of Dean
 ♥ Because she comforted him
 ♥ Because they almost had sex
 ♥ Because Jess beat up Dean
 ♥ Because they even make a good couple wet
 ♥ Because he helped even when she didn't ask
 ♥ Because he helped her turn the sprinkler off
 ♥ Because he turned the sprinkler on so she wouldn't get in a fight with Dean
 ♥ Because he can make small talk with her
 ♥ Because he tried to be nicer to Lorelai for her
 ♥ Because they care about each other
 ♥ Because he ran after her(K!M! & SGG)
 ♥ Because he tried to fight his inner demons for her(ASP)
 ♥ Because he was loyal to her in his own way(ASP)
 ♥ Because they're proud of each other
 ♥ Because he still loves her
 ♥ Because she wanted him to be her first
 ♥ Because we'd die to see one of their video fests
 ♥ Because they were verticle on the couch ;)
 ♥ Because he took the coke...with lemon
 ♥ Because he made her a care package
 ♥ Because "reheated french fries really suck"
 ♥ Because she told him he could have as much as he wanted
 ♥ Because seeing him squirm is entertaining
 ♥ Because he doesnt have any quarters so he'll have to give her nickels
 ♥ Because he bought her tickets to see The Distillers
 ♥ Because she asked him to delete all the messages on his answering machine
 ♥ Because she had to go but didn't want to (Swan Song)
 ♥ Because she still owes him an egg roll
 ♥ Because he made sure she was ok (Teach Me Tonight)
 ♥ Because walking and kissing never looked so good
 ♥ Because 22.8 miles is the magic number
 ♥ Because "do you yahoo?"
 ♥ Because he needed to do something other than stand there like a moron
 ♥ Because she's his book tease
 ♥ Because he got the feeling back in that arm she twisted
 ♥ Because "she pushed me"
 ♥ Because Dean was right, about all of it
 ♥ Because he wanted her to sit on a bench with him and stare at their shoes the first time they met
 ♥ Because he tested her with lyrics from a Clash song
 ♥ Because refused to let her pay for prom tickets
 ♥ Because he could never get tired of her
 ♥ Because "sad boy"
 ♥ Because "don't I look trustworthy?"
 ♥ Because he wanted to escape out the window with her to avoid dinner
 ♥ Because she went with him even though she couldn't believe him less
 ♥ Because he was prying into her personal life
 ♥ Because he did magic for her
 ♥ Because he knows what she likes
 ♥ Because they have the same interests
 ♥ Because they had healthy, intellectual debates
 ♥ Because her life is dull without him
 ♥ Because there is heat when they look at each other
 ♥ Because he offered to help her reach her dream
 ♥ Because they make each other smile
 ♥ Because she said turn right
 ♥ Because he was willing to learn a foreign language for her 
 ♥ Because he always comes back
 ♥ Because she didn't say she didn't want to have sex with him
 ♥ Because they are simply meant to be
 ♥ Because no matter what he will always be waiting for her!
 ♥ Because "Romeo and Juliet had warring families and they still managed to do a little damage."
 ♥ Because it was real.
 ♥ Because Jess blew her a kiss! (Swan Song)