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Literati #228 Fan Vid List

Literati #228 Fan Vid List

Jess, Rory, & Shane - Girlfriend by gqgrl775
Somewhere only we know Literati by roryjess4ever
Who Knew - Rory&Jess by Heaven75
Rory and Jess - Apologize by LyingInSilence
Literati - Hey there, Delilah by bedfordgirl

Rory & Jess - The Scientist
Rory & Jess - Read My Mind
Rory & Jess - I'd Lie
Rory & Jess- Leave Out All The Rest
Rory & Jess - My Whole Life Hiding
Rory & Jess - Everything We Had
Rory & Jess - The Walk
Rory & Jess - Secret Smile

Rory & Jess - Hate that I love you
Rory and Jess - Bleeding Love

Almost Lover

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