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Literati- Reasons list ♥

 ♥ Because he "borrowed" her book
 ♥ Because she believed in him
 ♥ Because he's her Dodger
 ♥ Because she went to New York to find him
 ♥ Because he knew it was Oliver Twist
 ♥ Because she never really got over him
 ♥ Because after a year he still loved (loves) her
 ♥ Because he's Kurt and she's Courtney
 ♥ Because he said that Ernest has only lovely things to say about her
 ♥ Because Dean IS an idiot
 ♥ Because he introduced her to the bridge
 ♥ Because no matter what happens between them, he knows that part works (first kiss)
 ♥ Because he held her hands before kissing her
 ♥ Because he had a plan to outbid Dean
 ♥ Because he knew the first time he saw her that they were suppose to be together
 ♥ Because he made sure she was okay
 ♥ Because they were both nervous before their first kiss
 ♥ Because his decision on smoking depended on her
 ♥ Because he wanted to flaunt it
 ♥ Because even his "hello" kisses aren't chase
 ♥ Because he got her vertical on the couch
 ♥ Because she was jealous of Shane
 ♥ Because he looked it up
 ♥ Because even Ausiello said it: they're soul mates
 ♥ Because ASP said things aren't fully over between them
 ♥ Because Rory brings out the little boy in Jess
 ♥ Because he promised not to say anything
 ♥ Because as Lorelai pointed out "I think you might be falling for Jess" honey
 ♥ Because he read the self help book for her!
 ♥ Because he faced Mrs. Kim's evil Cricket bat!
 ♥ Because their movie night seems way more interesting!
 ♥ Because Lorelai caught them making out
 ♥ Because Jess didn't mean to hurt her
 ♥ Because she thinks she might have loved him
 ♥ Because he had her bracelet
 ♥ Because he gave her back her bracelet
 ♥ Because they share they share the Literati interest
 ♥ Because she ditched school to see him
 ♥ Because we could all see the apple but it’s the thought that counts
 ♥ Because they're like a sweet old agoraphobic couple
 ♥ Because his shirt was flipping her off too
 ♥ Because Ayn Rand is a political nut!
 ♥ Because he wanted to sit down
 ♥ Because she’d imagined what he’d say to her if he came back in thousands of different ways
 ♥ Because he knows it’s not her fault
 ♥ Because she can count on him now
 ♥ Because she likes his crazy hair
 ♥ Because without him, her life would be so dull
 ♥ Because one day they'll walk right in front of a car
 ♥ Because he knows her better than anyone
 ♥ Because he got her back on track!
 ♥ Because he remembered her birthday!
 ♥ Because he couldn’t have written the book without her!
 ♥ Because they were high school sweethearts, rock around the clock, two straws and a milkshake
 ♥ Because she said to turn right
 ♥ Because she first officially welcomed him as part of the town
 ♥ Because she made him help out in the diner when he was watching I Dream of Jeanie
 ♥ Because she helped him study
 ♥ Because it is what it is between them
 ♥ Because they were both glad that she was there
 ♥ Because someday they'll both be ready
 ♥ Because of "the umbrella"
 ♥ Because it can never be over
 ♥ Because he makes her smile like no other can.
 ♥ Because his book doesnt remind her of anything, just of him
 ♥ Because he invited her to Philedelphia
 ♥ Because she accepted his invitation
 ♥ Because a kiss doesnt mean nothing
 ♥ Because "It is what it is.. You.. Me"
 ♥ Because "If it makes you feel better you can always tell him that we did something"
 ♥ Because he changed for her!
 ♥ Because 3 years later and their kisses are still hot
 ♥ Because the spark never went anywhere
 ♥ Because *that* part still works
 ♥ Because she kissed back
 ♥ Because nothing can replace their chemistry
 ♥ Because they dont do goodbye's
 ♥ Because Milo said "It has to be Jess"
 ♥ Because closure doesnt exist in the Literati world
 ♥ Because Wetter is Better
 ♥ Because three Jess mentions after 6x18 must mean something. Anvils people.
 ♥ Because he doesn't deserve this
 ♥ Because she apologized for hurting him
 ♥ Because she realised she is a jerk(haha I still think we should put that it)
 ♥ Because when she see's him, her face lights up
 ♥ Because "My arent we bright eyed and bushytailed"
 ♥ Because their connection is the deepest
 ♥ Because after all they've been through, they're still friends
 ♥ Because he wrote notes in the margins of her heart and, try as she might, she can't erase them
 ♥ Because he did read much
 ♥ Because he didn't pull the quarter out of ear like she asked
 ♥ Because he loved her from the second he saw her picture.
 ♥ Because if you look up "Love at first sight" the definition would be Rory&Jess
 ♥ Because you can tell its love by the way they look at each other.
 ♥ Because the snark represents love people.
 ♥ Because he knew who Bjork was.
 ♥ Because it will always be her
 ♥ Because Rory thought the chalk outline was funny
 ♥ Because they make each other smile
 ♥ Because he spent $90 on her basket
 ♥ Because they can have intellegent conversations
 ♥ Because they have passion
 ♥ Because Rory called him instead of Dean
 ♥ Because she comforted him
 ♥ Because they almost had sex
 ♥ Because Jess beat up Dean
 ♥ Because they even make a good couple wet
 ♥ Because he helped even when she didn't ask
 ♥ Because he helped her turn the sprinkler off
 ♥ Because he turned the sprinkler on so she wouldn't get in a fight with Dean
 ♥ Because he can make small talk with her
 ♥ Because he tried to be nicer to Lorelai for her
 ♥ Because they care about each other
 ♥ Because he ran after her(K!M! & SGG)
 ♥ Because he tried to fight his inner demons for her(ASP)
 ♥ Because he was loyal to her in his own way(ASP)
 ♥ Because they're proud of each other
 ♥ Because he still loves her
 ♥ Because she wanted him to be her first
 ♥ Because we'd die to see one of their video fests
 ♥ Because they were verticle on the couch ;)
 ♥ Because he took the coke...with lemon
 ♥ Because he made her a care package
 ♥ Because "reheated french fries really suck"
 ♥ Because she told him he could have as much as he wanted
 ♥ Because seeing him squirm is entertaining
 ♥ Because he doesnt have any quarters so he'll have to give her nickels
 ♥ Because he bought her tickets to see The Distillers
 ♥ Because she asked him to delete all the messages on his answering machine
 ♥ Because she had to go but didn't want to (Swan Song)
 ♥ Because she still owes him an egg roll
 ♥ Because he made sure she was ok (Teach Me Tonight)
 ♥ Because walking and kissing never looked so good
 ♥ Because 22.8 miles is the magic number
 ♥ Because "do you yahoo?"
 ♥ Because he needed to do something other than stand there like a moron
 ♥ Because she's his book tease
 ♥ Because he got the feeling back in that arm she twisted
 ♥ Because "she pushed me"
 ♥ Because Dean was right, about all of it
 ♥ Because he wanted her to sit on a bench with him and stare at their shoes the first time they met
 ♥ Because he tested her with lyrics from a Clash song
 ♥ Because refused to let her pay for prom tickets
 ♥ Because he could never get tired of her
 ♥ Because "sad boy"
 ♥ Because "don't I look trustworthy?"
 ♥ Because he wanted to escape out the window with her to avoid dinner
 ♥ Because she went with him even though she couldn't believe him less
 ♥ Because he was prying into her personal life
 ♥ Because he did magic for her
 ♥ Because he knows what she likes
 ♥ Because they have the same interests
 ♥ Because they had healthy, intellectual debates
 ♥ Because her life is dull without him
 ♥ Because there is heat when they look at each other
 ♥ Because he offered to help her reach her dream
 ♥ Because they make each other smile
 ♥ Because she said turn right
 ♥ Because he was willing to learn a foreign language for her 
 ♥ Because he always comes back
 ♥ Because she didn't say she didn't want to have sex with him
 ♥ Because they are simply meant to be
 ♥ Because no matter what he will always be waiting for her!
 ♥ Because "Romeo and Juliet had warring families and they still managed to do a little damage."
 ♥ Because it was real.
 ♥ Because Jess blew her a kiss! (Swan Song)


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